The BJ and Bucher Podcast is a weekly NBA show, hosted by 3x NBA Champion + EVP at Wasserman – BJ Armstrong, and Bleacher Report + NBA Radio radio host – RicBucher.  Produced by Shaine Freeman, each episode is presented in the format of a real NBA basketball game, complete with “Four Quarters of Madness” and a halftime musical entertainment break.

During these four quarters you not only get to hear BJ and Bucher – sometimes joined by high profile guests – offer their own unique (oftentimes clashing) perspectives on important issues affecting the NBA, but you get to witness the high stakes 3rd Quarter NBA trivia challenge where it’s anybody’s game.

BJ Armstrong (aka Voice of the Players) – Host

A co-host of the BJ and Bucher podcast, Benjamin “BJ” Armstrong is a retired NBA MVP and 3x Champion (as a member of the Chicago Bulls dynasty of the 90’s), turned certified NBA player agent and co-manager of the basketball division at Wasserman Media Group in Los Angeles.

Once an EPSN NBA analyst, BJ has spent the past 27 years in the NBA as a player, front office executive, and player agent. His clients include such players as the 2011 NBA MVP Derrick Rose, 2015 NBA Champ Draymond Green, Emmanuel Mudiaye, Bismack Biyombo, and JaVale McGee. In 2012, BJ negotiated one of the biggest shoe & apparel deals ever for Derrick Rose with Adidas.

Ric Bucher (aka Voice of the Media) – Host

Not only does he co-host the BJ and Bucher podcast, Ric Bucher also co-hosts a daily morning show on the Bleacher Report SiriusXM channel (Sirius 93/XM 208), as well as a solo show on NBA Radio (Sirius 207/XM 86) Monday afternoons. Prior to his current digs, Ric spent 14 years as a senior writer with ESPN The Magazine, and NBA sideline reporter/studio analyst for ESPN. He has also spent time as a beat writer for the San Jose Mercury News and the Washington Post.